Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Ciara & JT Routine

Hi Guys

Just a very quick blog from me as I thought you'd like to see the routine from Friday night. The girls did a really good job as you will see with only a few prompts from me.  I'm sure I'll get a chance to teach this another time for those of you who weren't able to make it in this time.

As you'll see Sam has been busy busy trying to get the second studio ready. Unfortunately I didn't make it in on Sat to help out so I'm sure Sam will have lined up some suitable punishment for me!!! Not for a lack of wanting to but like Sam I am snowed with my work commitments and am also away most of this week in Wolverhampton so time is just escaping me. It also means I'm not in this Thursday for my normal teaching night so Sam will be beasting you all. 

In fact I'm not in for the Thursday after as again this year I'm representing the Art of Dance at the Run to the Sun festival in Newquay over the May Bank holiday weekend. The pole dancing was so well received last year that Nixi and I had already been pre booked but as you all know poor Nixi is still nursing her dislocated knee so isn't able to join me. The lovely Hayley though will be making her debut there so we're frantically trying to get costumes and bits organised for the festival and will be heading to rehearsals a week on Thursday. It should be a good weekend although sadly the actual event seems to be less about VWs now but the evening entertainment and show is always a good spectacle.

Hopefully I'll catch up with you all in Plymouth soon or at some of the rehearsals for the 7th June event. Sam is quite right that we're all feeling the pressure. I'm busy at work, my weekends are full with gigs, kids and family commitments, away for a 10th wedding anniversary party so I'm rapidly running out of any spare time to put a routine together and still haven't yet finalised what I'm dancing to. Hopefully in between my manic lifestyle I"ll find some time to pull it all together. I'm really looking forward to it as should be a great show from both the instructors and students and a great night out so if you want to come get a ticket soon as they're selling fast.

Ta ta from me now and will keep you posted how things are working out.



sam@theartofdance.co.uk said...

3 blogs so soon! You must have blog fever or I must be hallucinating!! Sam x

AmyTree said...

"Funkay!" Love it. The La Scaffolds were HAWT!!!

dollyrocket said...

I was channelling Justin Timberlake. FACT.