Monday, 4 May 2009

Sadness and More Farm Antics

I'm starting my blog on a sad note as I attended a funeral of my DJ friend LLoyd Williams last Friday 24th April in Bodmin. I'd worked with LLoydie for 4 years in my dancing days at Destiny and was shocked by such tragic news of his death from a car accident. LLoydie was only 34 - a couple of months older than me it's hard to understand and take it in that suddenly he is no longer with us. He was a fabulous DJ, well respected and liked by all and this was so apparent at his funeral. Being a massive Liverpool fan we were all asked to wear either the football shirt or red and white and so many of LLoydie's friends and family turned up to give the "big man" a great send off. We went in to Rock DJ and went out on Littlest Hobo being the song he so often used to play out at the end of many a DJ night. The service was a fitting send off and his Mum and his family did him proud. My love and wishes are with all his family for losing such a great person with an infectious smile and laugh. Here is a great photo of just that smile... Rest in Peace LLoyd.

Well if you have read Sam's blog you will have seen we all had a trip to the farm last Saturday. I won't blog too much on this as Sam's blog filled you in with most of the antics and I know Sam is dying to add more photos and some clips of the falconry display that I managed to take. It was a fabulous excuse to be a big kid for the day and relax and enjoy some well earned time out with the rest of the Art of Dance team. We all had such a laugh and I'm sure the animals breathed a big sigh of relief when we left them in peace for the day. I'd had such a good time there though that I couldn't resist going back for a second time with Steve and his kids this bank holiday weekend making use of the vouchers Mark at Pennywell had kindly given us.
We'd obviously made an impression!!!! as he remembered us and had read Sam's blog so a big Hi to Mark and the team if you're reading this. 

Since the Art of Dance had visited the week before there had been some new additions to the farm - namely some gorgeous guinea pigs and some kids. Here are some photos of these. 

Sam I think we should have one of these babies as our new Art of Dance pet?!!!

The kids were so cute and there was also a tiny grey and white one fast asleep in one to the corners.

I'm pleased to report the piglet was still going strong and had grown slightly since we last saw him which was good news since he lost his brothers and sisters to a virus. Steve's children Morgan and Zoe really enjoyed their trip to the farm especially feeding the orphaned kids and lambs. Much to their amusement when we had fed our kid in it's pen and then cuddled a lamb, when we popped him back into his pen we discovered I'd managed to pick up the biggest and fattest one there!

Once again we were treated to a fantastic falconry display which was really spectacular as being a lovely sunny day we got to watch this outside with the amazing views for a back drop. I managed to get the barn owl in flight and the little kestrel was just as vocal as he had been the week before. Even the peacocks decided to treat us to a bit of a display.

Well we had to say goodbye to the farm but I'm sure we'll all be back at some point to see how all the animals are getting on. The rest of my bank holiday weekend was pretty chilled. Steve's best mate's birthday was on Saturday so we all met up for his annual beach get together on Sunday. We were hoping for a lovely sunny day and although it was, it was also a bit nippy when the sun disappeared behind the clouds and there was a fair wind. Despite the mile trek down to the beach with all our bits and pieces and forgetting the BBQ to cook our burgers on! we still had a very enjoyable afternoon. (We didn't starve as fortunately someone else was more organised than us and we got to use theirs and there was plenty of other food all round). It's hard work relaxing you know as by the time we came to leave Steve & I felt pretty tired so a night in on the sofa, DVD with a curry beckoned to us. We both had a pretty lazy start to Monday morning and I caught up on a few boring domestics like ironing! We both ventured into town early afternoon and caught up with Steve's Mum and bought a few bits in town. Steve had wanted to get a new book to read but somehow managed to find nothing that interested him while I came out with three. We then continued the bank holiday treat with late lunch/early dinner out before going home to start yet more work. 

Steve was off to Exeter to DJ and as I'm teaching a sequencing class this Friday 8th May at 6.15pm I thought it was time I started to put this together for you lucky people. I've got a minute so far and it's coming together pretty well so if you fancy coming along please book in as spaces are limited to 6 only so you have one pole each. It's to JT and Ciara's Sexy Love Magic so you never know you could be out impressing the crowds if you find yourself near a pole at the weekend. I keep the routines quite basic and dancey so all levels can have a go - beginner to advanced. It is good cardio work for you all and gives you ideas of dance moves to different songs as I know how you all love learning those body isolation moves in a normal class!! Hopefully I'll see some of you there on Friday and my normal Thursday night in Plymouth. I'll be back in Exeter on Monday night so will look forward to seeing my Exeter students then.

Catch up soon


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Woo Hoo - great blog! very jealous of your return trip to Pennywel1! Sam x